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Press Release Results 2018

December 11,2018

SIMI 2018
An Actively Engaged Property and City Development Sector
From December 5th to 7th the Palais des Congrès hosted the 17th SIMI trade show

The event, dedicated to stakeholders in the real estate industry, attracted a record 30,454 visitors.

The results of the 17th annual SIMI, the commercial real estate event, confirmed yet again its position as an event bringing together property professionals, property investors and official bodies to create a forum for dialogue, networking and keeping abreast of new of all asset classes. The show, with its 130 conferences and debates, attracted 30,454 visitors – stable compared to 30,373 in 2017 – from 470 companies and local authorities – including 57 new organizations.

Let’s not forget that the sectors of real estate and the city account for 11% of French GDP and have created 1 out of every 5 new jobs in the country since 2017, according to the 3rd Real Estate and Urban Employment Monitor study that was conducted by EY in partnership with Fondation Palladio and Business Immo.


With “the City of the Future” acting as a backdrop to the show, SIMI was host to a groundbreaking programme of conferences in which many distinguished experts participated. In parallel, some speakers who are not typical of the sector as a whole, for example the paleo-anthropologist Pascal Picq, presented another perspective to the sector’s evolution.

Reversibility, the 2024 Olympic Games, energy transition, new uses, connectivity and biodiversity in buildings are just some of the many themes at stake in the property industry and for local councils that were broached during the show, notably during the two plenary sessions and in 11 conference tracks.

Accordingly, visitors’ enthusiasm was evident by their input for the 3 days. This was manifest by attendance at the many conferences, the number of people visiting exhibitors’ booths, and interest in the award ceremonies for the Grands Prix SIMI 2018 and the Prix Junior de l’Industrie Immobilière.

Note that the Forum des Bâtiments et des Territoires Connectés was held for the 2nd year running and was very well attended. The success of these events is proof that in a context of on-going digital transformation in the construction sector, this type of fair is still relevant as it gives stakeholders the opportunity to gather together and collaborate with a single objective: develop their activity to help users.

SIMI 2018 was also an opportunity for representatives from the Connected buildings, Solidarity and Humanity in Buildings alliance to give an overview of their work over the past year. This alliance was presented at SIMI 2017 and launched on an initiative from the Ministère de la Cohésion des Territoires in partnership with the Smart Building Alliance for Smart Cities and the HQE-GBC Alliance.

The initiative now has 127 supporters and in 2018 defined a framework that has materialized by
– The publication of technical references divided into 6 themes: building connectivity, network architecture, interoperability of equipment/networks/services, service development, digital security and responsible management.
– The introduction of two dedicated labels “Ready 2 Service” and the NF Habitat HQE “connected building” label.

Catherine Sachreiter, Show Director SIMI

“Once again, for the three days of the show, SIMI stood out by its capacity to meet the expectations of the industry’s major players. It gave them the possibility of benefiting from the expertise of high quality participants as well as attending conferences and events the aim of which was to explain new economic models and new drivers of growth to benefit the construction of tomorrow’s cities. To take these reflections a step further and foster sharing experiences, I am organizing a meeting for professionals in the real estate industry on June 25th 2019: “Before SIMI 2019”.



1 – Economic development agencies – architecture and space planning – Asset management – Communication and Media – Real estate consultancy – Facility management – Training, non-profit associations, universities – Property management – Occupier services – Legal and financial services

2 – Local authorities – Property companies – Investors – Land agencies –  Retail space supply – Office space supply –  Logistics space supply

3 – Construction – Audits/certification – Energy and technical equipment – Engineering studies – carcass/building envelope – Real estate development – Light work and finishings – IT solutions and NICT

Download the press release – SIMI 2018 results


  • Before SIMI 2019: June 25, 2019 in Paris
  • SIMI 2019: 11 to 13 December 2019, Palais des Congrès de Paris

Photographs of SIMI 2018 and further information available upon request

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About SIMI

Key facts and figures for 2018: 30 454 VISITORS – 470 COMPANIES AND PUBLIC BODIES –2 PLENARY SESSIONS – 130 CONFERENCES

Organized by Groupe Infopro Digital, SIMI is the annual rendez-vous for French commercial real estate operators. For the three days of the show more than 30,000 visitors and virtually 470 companies and public authorities attend the event. All sectors of the property industry are represented. SIMI is effectively a barometer of commercial real estate markets in France. Land agencies, local authorities, developers, architects, constructors, investors and user companies meet at the show along with service providers and training organizations specializing in the industry. Not only is SIMI a place for new encounters and exhibits, it has become, in addition to its role as a market place, an end-of-year indicator of the property industry as a whole that offers the possibility of foreseeing the main trends for the six months ahead. By providing an overview of the preceding months, recognizing the performances which have marked the year, fostering dialogue between professionals, identifying emerging trends and preparing forecasts based on economic data, SIMI has become a standard reference point for discerning investors in the French market.