December 11-13, 2019 PALAIS DES CONGRES - PORTE MAILLOT - PARIS - France Le rendez-vous de l'immobilier d'entreprise - The professional real estate event


If you have any questions or doubts, you are very likely to find the answer in the list of frequently asked questions that we have compiled for you.

  • Press

    • Where can I find information about the show and its exhibitors before the show opens?

      Information is updated in real time on the SIMI website. For example the site has the updated exhibitor list, the conference program, major events, sponsors and other partners. The Internet site also has a dedicated press page containing press releases, press packs and other useful information.

    • I’m a journalist. How can I obtain a press pass?

      For press accreditation, please consult the Press tab on the SIMI website. You will need a valid professional press card.

    • I’m a journalist, where do I pick up my pass?

      Accredited and non-accredited journalists pick up their Press Passes from the Press reception area, level 0, Neuilly side. The press relations team will print your pass upon presentation of a valid Press card.

    • Is there a press room in the show?

      Yes. A press room for journalists is open on level 4. This is a working area exclusively reserved for journalists holding a valid press card. Available in the room are press releases and media packs about the show and exhibitors.

    • Is there a press day?

      No. Journalists access the show at the same time as visitors.
      Wednesday December 5, 2018: 09:00 to 19:00 Thursday December 6, 2018 09:00 to 21:00 Friday December 7, 2014 09:00 to 17:00
      A press room is made available to journalists on level 4 so they can work comfortably.
      The press relations team can be contacted before the start of SIMI.

      See press/contact: click here

    • I’m an exhibitor, can I access the Press room?

      The press room is exclusively for journalists holding a valid press pass. It is their workspace for the three days of the show. It is on level 4.

      As an exhibitor you can leave press packs or other documents presenting your business at the press reception area on level 0 (Neuilly side) before the show opens or directly in the press room (level 4) from Tuesday December 4, from 14:00.

  • Visitors

    • What is SIMI? Why come?

      SIMI is a landmark event in the real estate industry’s calendar in France.

      For more information, visit the pages Presentation of the show  and  Reasons to attend

    • What is the Building and Connected Territories Forum?

      For the third year running, the Connected Buildings & Territories Forum, will run for three days in the heart of SIMI. It is an incredible opportunity for construction, energy and IT trades, as well as the property industry in general and local authorities, to harness the benefits of the technological revolution underway in building and territorial development.

      Click here

    • What is new in 2019?

      • 1 new conference track: Residential / Co-Living. Click here
      • This year, the Grands Prix SIMI 2019 award ceremony, sponsored by Groupama Immobilier, will take place late afternoon on Wednesday December 11 in the Salle des Événements. Clik here
      • Discover the 3 winning models of the Prix Perspective 2019 (the SIMI BEFORE) on Level 3. Clik here
      • Take advantage of the Wellio Pro-Working Space by Covivio (110 sq m of workspace on Level 4)
      • The French PropTech at SIMI, morning of Friday December 13, in the Salle des Événements
      • Discover the Espace Innovation by SIMI (start-ups + pitches)
      • Remember to purchase your SIMI 2019 entry pass on line before the show (The entry price is higher once the show has started!)
    • How much does it cost to attend SIMI 2019?

      What are the conditions of entry to SIMI 2019?
      You have to pay to obtain a show pass. 2019 rates to be published.
      If you would like to be alerted when registration opens, please fill in the form. Click here.

    • How do I register for SIMI?

      To obtain your visitor pass, fill in the registration form and proceed to the payment form or, if you have an invitation, enter the invitation code (this is the first question). Click here

    • How do I obtain a Visitor’s Pass

      To receive your visitor pass, you have to fill in the registration form on line in order to create your entry pass and proceed to payment.
      There is a charge to access SIMI and you will have to upload a photo when you register. The pre-registration link is activated mid September 2019.
      If you would like to be alerted when inscriptions open, fill in the form by clicking here

    • What is the Club Pass?

      With the Club Pass you can access the 4 levels of the show, the conferences, and SIMI events (Grands Prix SIMI 2019, connected territories forum). You can use networking platform from the end of October and you have unlimited access to the Club business lounge in the centre of the show, accompanied by a guest of your choice (provided the guest has a valid entry pass). There is also a privacy box in the Club where you can hold confidential meetings. Club pass holders also benefit from a concierge service during the show.

      The club is not accessible on Thursday 12 December between 5 pm and 9 pm.

    • Can I enter the Club if my guest has a 3-day Pass or a Friday Special Pass?

      With the Club Pass, you can invite one visitor with you into the Club, regardless of the type of pass he/she holds (3-day Visitor Pass or Friday Special).

    • The only one-day rate I can find is for Friday. Do you have a one-day rate for Wednesday?

      The only one-day rate we offer is for Friday. If you want to visit on Wednesday or Thursday, you have to register and pay for a three-day or Club pass.

    • I would like to come for two days, is there a 2-day pass?

      We do not have a special rate for two days.
      If you would like to come for two days, you have to pay for a three-day or Club pass.

    • Are there reduced entrance rates for students or the unemployed?

      There are no special rates for students or the unemployed. If you wish to benefit from a lower rate, register before 31 October at 23:59. After this date, there will be no “preferential rates” for SIMI.

    • Is there a deadline for sending payment by cheque or bank transfer?

      You can settle your registration by cheque or bank transfer until 5 december 2019.

      Beyond this date, the bank card will remain the only way to settle.

    • How long does it take to receive the entry pass after deferred payment or after payment by bank transfer?

      The passes and the invoice are sent after we receive confirmation of payment (15 days maximum).

    • Is it possible to change the email address of the invited guest?

      Once your registration is finalized, it is no longer possible to change the email address of the invited person.

    • Can we register and pay for a pass by telephone?

      You cannot reserve or pay for your entrance pass by telephone. To register for SIMI, use the registration form on our Internet site or go directly to the “On-Site Registration” desk in the visitor reception area (level 0 of the Palais des Congrès). Registration remains open on-line and on-site during the 3 days of the show.

    • I haven’t received my electronic pass yet. What should I do?

      If you have not received your pass, please check your spam mailbox. And, otherwise contact our hotmail and hotline

    • I registered before October 24 but my entry is being paid by a public body or by cheque and may take a while to process, will I still benefit from a preferential rate?

      We use the registration date so you will still benefit from the reduced rate.

    • I would like to benefit from a preferential rate but I do not know who will be attending SIMI with me. Is it possible to reserve nameless passes?

      All passes are personnel, named and non-transferable. Therefore it is not possible to reserve nameless passes.

    • When will I receive the invoice?

      The invoice is sent to you as soon as we have received and recorded your payment (15 days maximum).

    • I have just received an invitation code, what is it for?

      The code enables you to register free of charge. Enter the code in the first question “Do you have a code?”

    • How do I use my invitation code?

      The code will enable you to register free of charge. Simply enter the code at the first question of the registration form “Do you have a code?”

    • I paid for a visitor’s pass and have just received a free invitation code, can I be reimbursed or change the beneficiary of my ticket so someone else can attend?

      As specified in the general terms and conditions of sale, no reimbursement, exchange or change of name is possible.

    • I received a 3-day code but I am unable to invite someone for Friday.

      You only benefit from this advantage when you purchase a 3-day or Club pass.

    • Is it possible to register with an invitation code once the SIMI has started?

      There is no deadline for registering with an invitation code. You can register on line until 13 December 2018 included, the final day of the show.

    • What is the deadline for registering for the show on-line?

      You can register to attend the show during the show itself. So you can register on line from now until December 13 included.
      Please note that cheques, money orders and bank transfers can be used until December 5, 2019.
      After December 5, we only accept payment by debit or credit cards.

    • Is a photograph compulsory?

      Yes, a photograph is compulsory. It should be less than 100Ko.
      It will not appear on your SIMI entrance badge. It is only visible on the networking platform and on the control monitors when you enter the show. If the photograph is illegible, you shall be asked to return to the Visitor Welcome desk to be photographed by the webcam at the entrance.

    • My photograph is too heavy, how can I reduce it?

      You can reduce it using Paint software. The photograph should not exceed 100ko.

    • Why is there a unique mail address this year?

      In 2018, we have developed a new application giving you direct access to the networking platform. For you to benefit fully from its networking capacity, we need a single named email address

    • Why is a single named email address needed?

      With a single address you will benefit from all digital and other services provided by SIMI.

    • How can register my manager and four other colleagues who do not want to share their email address.

      You can only register one person with “your” email address. For the others, you will have to fill in their unique email addresses.

    • If I don’t want to give my email address what will happen?

      You have to provide an email address in order to receive your entrance pass.

    • I’m concerned that I will receive lots of emails from SIMI.

      No need to worry! You will only receive 3 or 4 messages containing information or reminders about the networking tools.  You may also receive requests for meetings from other property market professionals.

    • I would just like to attend one conference. Is there a special one-day rate?

      SIMI has a one-day rate for Friday only.
      We have three price rates for entry to the show: 3 days, Club and Friday Special

    • Do we need to pre-register for conferences?

      Visitors can attend conferences freely; no pre-registration is necessary. The conference program is available on the SIMI website and the SIMI application. At the show itself, the conference program is available in the reception areas, at information desks, on screens around the show and in the SIMI NEWS, the show daily that is distributed each morning of the show.

    • Where is the conference programme?

      The conference programme is available on the SIMI Internet site and on the SIMI application. Programmes are also available at the reception area of the show, at information points, on interactive screens and in SIMI News, the daily show paper distributed each morning.

    • Where are the conference rooms?

      The conference rooms are on levels 2, 3 and 4 of the trade show. They are all marked on the interactive floor plan (on the SIMI internet site) and on the mobile application. On site there are also small visitor plans and large plans posted.

    • Are there minutes of the conferences?

      The conference proceedings organized by SIMI are available early January on the SIMI Internet site in the “Program” page.
      For the conferences organized by exhibitors, please contact the exhibitors directly as they will not be posted on the SIMI site.

    • What is the mobile app of the show for?

      The mobile app tool has been developed for visitors and exhibitors. Using this application, which is updated daily, you will have access to exceptional networking possibilities. The application contains information about the show such as the floor plan, the exhibitor list, the conference program and search tools to help you find what is most important to you. It also sends alerts to remind you about key events during the SIMI and gives you direct access to the networking platform for SIMI participants once your registration has been validated.

    • When will the application be available?

      The SIMI application will be available in November via the SIMI Internet site and in app stores.

    • What is the interactive floor plan for?

      The interactive floor plan is a tool that will help you organize your visit. You can see the four levels of the show and identify all the exhibitor stands.

    • When will the interactive floor plan be available?

      The interactive floor plan will be available on the SIMI Internet site in October.

    • What is the networking platform?

      The networking platform will enable you to communicate with all pre-registered visitors, conference speakers and exhibitors at the show.

    • Why use the platform?

      5 good reasons to use the networking platform

      1-Optimize your time at SIMI
      2-Be identified and contacted by property market players
      3-Target prospective clients and make contact with them
      4-Expand your professional network
      5-Organize meetings at SIMI

    • When will I be able to start using the platform?

      The networking platform for visitors and exhibitors will be available at the end of november on our mobile application.
      You will receive an email as soon as your payment has been cleared or when your registration has been validated if you have an invitation code.

    • What are the opening times?

      The show runs for 3 days. It is open:
      Wednesday December 11, 2018 09:00 to 19:00
      Thursday December 12, 2018 09:00 to 21:00
      Friday December 13, 2018 09:00 to 17:00

    • How do I get to the show?

      By car:
      From the north & east, Boulevard Périphérique extérieur (Paris ring road), exit at Porte de Ternes
      From the south & west, Boulevard Périphérique intérieur, exit at Porte Maillot.

      Routes 43, 73, 82, 244 PC, stop Porte Maillot

      Station Neuilly – Porte Maillot – Palais des Congrès, Line C
      L1 Stop Porte Maillot

      Airport shuttle:
      From Roissy Charles de Gaulle: Air France shuttle, Terminus Etoile – Porte Maillot stop.
      From Orly: Air France shuttle, Terminus Invalides then RER C to Porte Maillot.

      Download the access map for the Palais de Congrès.
      Google-map Palais des Congrès – Porte Maillot

    • Are there any special rates on public transport to attend the show?

      Attractive discounts, up to -15%, on a wide range of public fares on all AIR FRANCE, KLM and their code-shared flights worldwide.
      Event: SIMI 2019
      ID Code: 34970AF
      Travel Valid Period: 04/12/2019 to 20/12/2019
      Event location: PARIS

      Please visit the event website or access directly through. Click here.

    • Are there cloakrooms at the show?

      There are three cloakrooms at the show on levels 1, 2 and 3. They are all free of charge.
      For security reasons, bags are systematically searched before being accepted for storage in the cloakroom.

    • Is the cloakroom free of charge?

      There are three cloakrooms at the show and they are all free of charge. They are located on levels 1, 2 and 3.

    • Where are the cloakrooms?

      There are three cloakrooms at the show and they are all free of charge. They are located on levels 1, 2 and 3.

    • Is there a special entrance for reduced mobility persons?

      Lifts are available for persons with reduced mobility. For further information please contact staff at the reception desk on level 0 of the Palais de Congrès.

    • Are there any specific security measures to enter the show?

      In the wake of recent events, extra security measures have been introduced for both exhibitors and visitors to ensure the security of all.
      When you enter the show, you will be asked to open your coat and your bag for inspection. If any suspicious objects are detected by the metal detector, the security guard may frisk you. Security teams will inspect bags. Sniffer dogs will also be present at the show.

    • How do I connect to the show WiFi?

      The SIMI 2019 WiFi is available for use by visitors to the show and exhibitors.

    • I would like to attend the SIMI gala evening. How can I register for it?

      Contact the sales service for further information:

    • Where can I find the catalogue and how much is it?

      The show catalogue is available in the reception areas, level 0. Catalogues are free.
      However, after the SIMI it will cost €60.00. Please contact our sales service :

    • Is there anywhere to have lunch at the show?

      There are no restaurants within the show itself. However, there are plenty of places to eat in the Palais de Congrès and in the vicinity.

    • I lost my entry pass, what should I do?

      As specified in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, no reimbursement is possible. Please make your way to the “litiges” desk in the reception area on the Paris side of the venue. We are sorry but you will have to pay for a new pass.

    • I don’t want to queue when I arrive at the show, is there another way I can receive my entrance pass?

      No, you have to go to the Visitor Reception area on level 0 of the Palais des Congrès to pick up your entrance pass for the show. Many self-service terminals are available for visitors.

    • When is SIMI 2020?

      SIMI 2020 will be held December 9, 10 and 11 in Paris – Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot.