December 9-11, 2020 PALAIS DES CONGRES - PORTE MAILLOT - PARIS - France Le rendez-vous de l'immobilier d'entreprise - The professional real estate event

Conference tracks 2019

SIMI, a key event for protagonists in the French commercial real estate market, will hold 12 themed conference tracks, including new one, during the three days of the show.

Consult the program of tracks 2019 (only in french)

The 12 themed conference tracks:


Residential / Co-Living Track - New in 2019


Sponsor of Residential / Co-Living Track

Because housing is at the heart of a territory’s attractiveness, all decision makers in the public domain have housing high on the list of priorities with an ambition of rolling out socially inclusive strategies. Because housing is an integral part of fashioning a city, developers work keenly on this category of assets to offer mixed and hybrid assets. Because housing has been an extremely resilient asset in overall investment performance, corporate and international investors are returning to it as an asset class.
But what type of housing is concerned? The Haussmann-period apartment building has long since been joined by multifaceted residential properties. These range from student residences to retirement homes, from affordable or mid-range housing to social housing projects. Tomorrow, with the inevitable rise of co-living patterns, housing will become a service in its own right.
Who are the players in these new markets? What strategies are investors adopting? What choices are developers and builders offering? What are the specifications given by public bodies? Get the answers to these questions in this new conference track from the people shaping the market.

BNP Real Estate

The Real Estate Market Track


Sponsor of The Real Estate Market Track

Never has the real estate industry experienced such a long rising cycle. And never have real estate markets been as complex to decipher. Against this backdrop, how are rents going to evolve in the future for each different type of commercial property market (office, industrial and logistics) ? Which geographical sectors will occupiers prefer when looking for offices? How will office take-up shift given the current economic climate and the emergence of new work methods such as co-working?


Horizons 2024/Acceleration of Grand Paris Track


Sponsor of Horizon 2024 track/ Acceleration of Grand Paris

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be an outstanding showcase for France as well as an incredible stage for the players shaping Grand Paris. From the construction of amenities needed for the organization of the games through to the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympics village for the region, the 2024 games are also acting as an accelerator to major urban projects in Grand Paris and to the region’s attractiveness. What is the roadmap for Solideo, the developer charged with completing Olympic projects? What opportunities are there for the real estate industry? What is the dialogue between local authorities and the State to shape the Olympic legacy? What are the environmental ambitions? This conference cycle will answer all these questions and more.

TAGERIM Promotion

Hospitality & Serviced Accommodation Track


Sponsor of Hospitality & Serviced Accommodation Track:

France is still the world’s premier tourist destination. What is the impact on the hotel market? How hungry are investors for this asset class? How hungry are investors for the market’s new concepts and brands? In parallel, more and more managed residences are being developed in the hospitality sector ranging from student residences to retirement homes, not to mention establishments in the health sector; what strategies are being adopted by developers, operators and investors? Where are the most popular territories? Will they meet performance expectations?


Investors Track


Sponsor of Investment Strategies Track:

Investors are still fond of property. But who are they? Are they corporate investors? International? Private, whether owners of shares in SCPIs or family offices? Why is demand so strong when the market is at the height of a cycle? What are investors looking for? What are they finding? What risk premium are they willing to pay to get a foothold or reinforce their position in the property market? What innovative strategies are rolled out to capture value when assets are considered expensive? And what will happen if interest rates rise?


Logistics / Industry Track


Sponsor of Logistics/Industry Track

With the boom in e-commerce, logistics space has become the new winning strategy for property investors. Why are investors snapping up logistics buildings? Is e-commerce really making the price of warehousing, from XXS to XXL units, soar? Is the market becoming too heated? Is it a bubble? And how is urban logistic space faring? What are the challenges facing the sector and what lies in store? How is the property industry preparing to cope? How will the market restructure? What are the prospects for releasing value? All these challenges and opportunities will be unpicked during this conference track.


Conversion and Reversibility Track


Sponsor of Conversion and Reversibility Track:

We are leaving behind an era when functions in city life are separated, to enter one of an operational mix. In the wake this demand from citizens – spurred on by central government and local authorities – is the conversion of buildings and their reversibility an initial response? Can acting solely on the scale of buildings satisfy demand for mixed uses? Would it be better to work on the scale of a city block? Or for that matter the quarter or the city? What opportunities are being created for the property industry and more generally all stakeholders shaping cities? What strategies, initiatives, concepts exist for rebuilding cities on cities?


Retail Track


Sponsor of Retail Track:

Bricks-and-mortar shops are at a turning point in their history. Challenged by e-commerce, overturned by new consumer habits and shunned by corporate and international investors, the retail property market has to face up to new challenges. At a time when retail is taking a bashing, how are retail specialists responding? What are the latest brands, concepts and innovations enticing consumers back to stores? What are their performance prospects? It is an asset class that will have to be reinvented.


CSR Track


Sponsor of CSR Track

Businesses have become increasingly conscious of their responsibility to the community and the environment. CSR is a strategic component of future business growth plans and the property industry is following this global movement. This track overviews socially responsible investment, impact investment and other initiatives being taken by the people building cities today. It also examines the impact on real estate projects.


Local Authorithy / Metropolitan areas Track


Sponsor of Local Authorithy / Metropolitan areas Track:

The 19th century was the century of empires and the 20th the century of nations. Will the 21st be the century of mega-cities? As the expansion of cities accelerates, major agglomerations are competing to enhance their attractiveness. What strategies are being used to entice businesses, whet the appetite of investors, coax real estate players into participating and produce value for all? What place is left for other territories? These are just a few of the questions to be answered in this conference track.


Environmental Transition Track


Sponsor of Environmental Transition Track:

Buildings are the biggest users of energy accounting for 45% of energy consumed. Ten years after the creation of the Sustainable Building Plan, what is left of it? What progress has been made? What obstacles are property players facing? What still has to be done to accelerate the energy renovation of the existing stock of buildings and low-carbon construction? What are the challenges facing real estate professionals and territorial players around climate change? Which economic models need to be rolled out?


End Users Track


Sponsor of End User Track:

Changes in working methods have exploded the traditional model for office use. How are end users now considering their real estate to attract and retain talent? How are nomadic working patterns integrated into offices? What is the impact on the real estate road maps? And above all what are the social and economic constraints? All these questions and topics will be covered via feedback from those with practical experience in the domain and experts in the matter.